Deanna Breiwick

Sweeney Todd

"Deanna Brewick as Todd’s daughter Johanna is both beautiful yet resolute. She sings her difficult role wonderfully..."

CBS St. Louis

"Deanna Breiwick is an appealingly vulnerable Johanna."

Dallas News


"Deanna Breiwick was a nicely neurotic Johanna..."

The Wallstreet Journal


"Soprano Deanna Breiwick pealed away most attractively as the gentle Clizia."

Opera News


"...Breiwick sang with fine flexibility..., handling her coloratura with confidence."

The Chicago Classical Review


"...Bright, fresh-voiced soprano..."

Chicago Tribune



"As Sophie, Deanna Breiwick floated a ravishing lyric soprano with power to soar majestically beyond high C in the opera’s finale."
New York Post


"The Weisse Rose group, led by the piercing, poignant high soprano of Deanna Breiwick as Sophie"

The Wallstreet Journal


"Soprano Deanna Breiwick sang sweetly as Sophie Scholl, leader of the White Rose"

The Huffington Post


"the sparkle in Deanna Breiwick's lyric soprano conveyed the youthful idealism of the Weisse Rose ringleader, Sophie Scholl"

Opera News



“The soprano Deanna Breiwick brought a bright, high voice and charm to the role of Zaide.”

NY Times


 “Headlining the excellent cast of young singers was soprano Deanna Breiwick in the title role. Breiwick has a lyric voice, well suited to Mozart. She was particularly appealing in the aria "Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben," a rondo-like lullaby to her love, Gomatz. Alternatively, Breiwick did a fine job of conveying sorrow and rage in her Act II arias and a festive level of joy in Zaide's moments of triumph. One hopes to hear much more from her in the future.”

Opera News


National Council Auditions

“Deanna was a vocal trapeze artist.”

NY Times


“[She] sang with sweet sound and floating high notes”

NY Times

Les mamelles de Tirésias

“Deanna Breiwick… a marvelously vivacious Thérèse. The sparkle in her soprano, especially as it moved up the staff, seemed to reflect the wicked glimmer in her eyes.”

Opera News


William Christie with Juilliard 415

“But Ms. Breiwick stole the show in the end with a masterly reading of Handel’s “Saeviat Tellus Inter Rigores” (HWV 240). She positively gamboled through the ornamental thickets, emerging unscathed, and soared through the heights with seeming ease."

NY Times


“…One vocal soloist to watch for was Deanna Breiwick,… The voice has a resonance and vibrancy that mark her as one of the most promising young sopranos today, with both an ease in coloratura and an unusual warmth in the lower register which suggest that, with the right opportunities, she will be leading the pack in a few years.”

Opera Britannia


“An alluring, charming young singer with considerable flexibility and range.”

Opera Britannia


Dialogues des Carmélites

“Deanna Breiwick was a pert, charming Sister Constance…”

NY Times